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  A Primer of Kunibaha Karate-do: The Style of Shogo Kuniba
by Shihan James Herndon

Kosho Publications
ISBN-13 9780615322445


Originally published in 1984, A Primer of Kuniba-ha Karate-do has been reprinted in spiral-bound format. This 25th anniversary edition is meant to remind old practitioners of the late Shogo Kuniba’s style of Karate-do what the fundamental concepts and techniques were that he taught in the 1970s and 1980s, and to inform new practitioners of the history and evolution of his style.

A Primer of Kuniba-ha Karate-do contains more than 200 pages of text, figures and photographs. Figures are Kanji (Japanese characters) brushed by Shogo Kuniba representing the many technical, philosophical, and psychological concepts of Karate-do. Technique photographs were professionally taken and feature Shogo Kuniba in Karate-do poses, as well as samplings of Kobudo and Goshin Budo. A history of Kuniba-ha Karate-do (Motobu-ha Shito-ryu) provides many unknown facts. The book is indexed by subject and prominent names in the history of Kuniba-ha Karate-do. A glossary is included.

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