Soke Shogo Kuniba
10th Dan JKF



Soke Kozo Kuniba


Soke Kozo Kuniba and his father Soke Shogo Kuniba at the USA Hombu Dojo of Seishin Kai International in Portsmouth, VA. circa 1988.

Front page of the 1988 Seishin Kai Tournament Program, Osaka, Japan

First, Second and Third Place Winners for Black Belt Kata 1988 Paris Universaides. First place Shihan Kozo Kuniba, Second place was the European Kata Champion. Competition in Kata was double elimination and Shihan Kozo performed a different kata each time he competed. The judges were overwhelmed!

Black Belt Kata Contestants 1988 Seishin Kai Universaides Tournament held in Paris, France, July 1988. Soke Shogo Kuniba is wearing the white jacket on the left of the photo. He was the Tournament Master, but not an official. Shihan Kozo Kuniba is in the line-up.

Soke Kuniba and Sri Lanka Hombucho Sensei Satharasinghe in Soke's dojo in Osaka, Japan.



Kozo Kuniba
International Soke &
 International President

Soke Kuniba with Mr. Hasumi, the Director of the JKF